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Supergirl Returns!

Four years after the end ofSmallville... a new Super-television show is near and is coming to CBS!

Check out the news on our updated News page!


the flash alex rosswellingLee Thompson Young, Smallville's "Cyborg," Dead At 29

We are sad to share that Lee Thompson Young, who played Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg in multiple episodes of Smallville, has died.

More details about his passing can be found at our report at KSiteTV.


the flash alex rosswellingThe Flash Poised To Be The CW's Next DC Hero

No, no news about a return for Smallville, but it looks like Arrow may have gotten something Smallville never got to have - a spin-off for The Flash! (Even though, way back when, we thought that might happen!)

Read the news at GreenArrowTV!


They're Back: It's Time For The 2013 KryptonSite Awards!

Remember the KryptonSite Awards, honoring the best and worst of Smallville?

We're doing it again, to tie in with the Season 11 comics.

Check out the list of nominees and VOTE!


Smallville Connections In Man Of Steel!

Did you already see Man Of Steel? Did you notice any familiar faces from Smallville within? You weren't imagining things.

See who you might have missed!


many faces of supermanThe Many Faces Of Superman... 2013 Update!

One of our favorite features at KryptonSite over the years has been Russ Dimino's column "The Many Faces Of..." looking at the various actors who have taken on some iconic roles.

Today, on the eve of Man Of Steel, Russ takes a look at the many actors to play Superman.

Find the article here!


smallville complete series dvdAmazon Makes The Smallville: The Complete Series DVD Set Their "Gold Box Deal Of The Day"

For today only (June 11), Amazon.com is listing the complete series Smallville DVD set for $114.99 - the lowest price yet for the complete series! That's $11.50 per seaason, or about 50 cents per episode, plus a ton of extras.

(That deal is now over, but check the link and you still might find some good deals!)

Order Smallville: The Complete Series at this price while you can!


man of steelSome Parts Of Man Of Steel Look Like Smallville All Over Again

"Actually, it's in the storm cellar."

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a whole lot more images from the new Superman film, Man Of Steel, and the pictures don't feature Superman, but instead feature Lois Lane, Perry White, Zod... and a time when Clark Kent was a teenager in Smallville, with his parents, the Kents. While things are staged differently, it can't help but evoke memories of a Superman TV series from the recent past.

Man Of Steel comes out June 14.

Take a look at the gallery!


Wonder Woman SmallvilleDid Wonder Woman Almost Appear On Smallville?

Diana, aka Wonder Woman, will be a part of the next big Smallville Season 11 comic book story arc (read more details about that here), and in promoting it in an interview with CBR, Bryan Q. Miller dropped a behind the scenes tidbit about Smallville that we never knew -- that a consideration was made to bring her onto the show -- at least according to his recollection.

Here's the relevant part from Miller's CBR interview discussing that possibility:

Were there ever any serious discussions about her making an appearance on the TV series, or is this the first chance to bring her to the "Smallville" universe?

If memory serves, we were in preliminary discussions as to how to introduce her as a character for a short arc on the show. Then, right in the middle of that, the [David E.] Kelley pilot popped into existence and access to Diana fell away.

How cool would that have been? Either way, Diana will be in the next Smallville Season 11 story arc "Olympus," and you can read BQM's full interview about Diana in Smallville at CBR.

(And by the way, yes, the Wonder Woman TV project for The CW is still in development, with a new writer. You can read more about that here.)

(Our congratulations also go out to Bryan Q. Miller, not just for Smallville Season 11, but for landing a spot on the writing staff for Defiance AND the coming of "Lowercase Q." Sounds like a good year!)


tom wellingTom Welling Is Producing A New TV Project!

Tom Welling is putting on his producer's hat again for a project he is working on for the USA Network with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

Read more details at KSiteTV!

(As an aside: We know KryptonSite itself hasn't been updated a whole lot in recent months, with the focus going to KSiteTV and its satellite sites. Stay tuned, and you'll see that things will be back... a bit. In a case like this one we wanted to be sure Tom's news ended up on a site that can be found in places like Google News for maximum exposure.)


kristin kreuk comic-conKristin Kreuk Talks About A New Superman & Lana Lang In Man Of Steel

Zap2It caught up with Kristin Kreuk, Smallville's Lana Lang, and asked her her take on the new version of Superman in this summer's new movie, Man Of Steel... and also got her opinion on a new actress, Jadin Gould, playing Lana Lang.

"I think 'Superman' is a beautiful story. Of all the superheroes I know about, because I do not claim to be an expert in that realm, he really represents morality and goodness and true humanity in the best of ways. I think the movie could be great," Kristin says, sounding a bit like her "Lana Lang" predecessor, Annette O'Toole, would when asked about Lana.

Read the full Zap2It interview here.

"Every incarnation is different," Kristin says. "This isn't the Lana Lang of Smallville, it's another one. Even when I take on a role, I'm not comparing it to others. It's a different character, a different project, a different version."

Have you seen the new trailer and photos? Check them out at our Man Of Steel News section!


stephen amell green arrowBryan Q. Miller's Episode Of Arrow Has Aired!

Fan favorite Bryan Q. Miller, writer of several Smallville episodes, several comics, and several Smallville comics, including the currently-ongoing Season 11 series, wass the co-writer of the most recent episode of The CW's Arrow.

Yes, this marks yet another medium in which Bryan can write Oliver Queen. How will this different Arrow stack up compared to the way he wrote him in Smallville? Guess we'll have to see.

Bryan is the fourth writer for Arrow's first season who has a Smallville pedigree. Others who have written for both series include Wendy Mericle, Drew Z. Greenberg, and Geoff Johns. Johns' most recentt episode, "Dead To Rights," is directed by his "Legion" collaborator Glen Winter.

See some images from the episode at our Arrow portal, GreenArrowTV. and if you've seen it, come by the forum to talk about it!


A Smallville Reunion On Beauty And The Beast? (Kristin Kreuk Interview)

Lana Lang Lois LaneAt the WonderCon convention in Anaheim, California, we caught up with the former Lana Lang herself, Kristin Kreuk, and asked about the possibilities of an on-screen reunion with her real-life friends Erica Durance and Allison Mack on her new show, Beauty And The Beast.

What did she have to say?

Read the interview at KSiteTV!


Smallville Season 11 - Title For The Third "Side Story" Revealed!

KryptonSite has learned the title for the third "parallel story" in Smallville Season 11 comic series continuation, to go alongside the as-yet-unrevealed fifth "episode" in skip weeks.

Find the title at the KryptonSite Spoilers Page!

Lana Lang Lois LaneLana Lang Returns In Smallville Season 11

Five years after departing Smallville with a Kryptonite kiss, Lana Lang is returning to the story.

TV Guide revealed this morning that the character Lana Lang will return in the next digital "side arc" of the Smallville Season 11 comic series that Bryan Q. Miller is writing. The story is called "Valkyrie," and it sees Lana teaming up with Lois Lane in the Congo. "A lot has happened in Lana's absence," Miller told TV Guide.

The interior art is by Cat Staggs who has done an amazing job with the digital covers.

You can see some preview art and read some quotes from Mr. Miller about the story arc, along with more spoilers, at TVGuide.com.


smallville season 11 comicSmallville Season 11 "Detective" Trade Paperback Due In August

A trade paperback collection of the second Smallville Season 11 story arc, "Detective," is now available to pre-order for an August 20 release.

The second arc teams up Smallville's Superman with Batman for the first time, with some special guests like Nightwing along for the ride.

Pre-order your copy and support this site (and the continuation of the comics). When you order from Amazon you also usually get a discounted price:

Smallville "Detective" Trade Paperback on Amazon.com

The first Smallville story arc, "Guardian," hits trade paperback form in late April. It's currently listed at $8.23 -- if you bought these printed comics as they came out, they would have been almost twice that! So if you want that, pre-order your copy today!


Allison Mack MarilynSee Allison Mack In Her New Movie Marilyn!

Allison Mack stars in a new movie that was created by Smallville crew members including director Christopher Petry, and you can now see the movie and purchase it online.

It's called Marilyn and here's what it is about:

Before his passing in 2007, Patrick "Paddy" Mitchell became one of the most famous bank robbers in North America. Written while incarcerated in Leavenworth Prison, Marilyn is a beautiful and raw story based on one of Paddy's adventures.

Michael Grant is one of the most successful and sought after people in his field. If he weren't an escaped convict robbing banks for a living, he'd probably enjoy his notoriety.

While on the lam and robbing banks for enough money to keep afloat, Michael meets and falls in love with a much younger woman also on the run from the law – the beautiful, uninhibited Marilyn. As they find themselves punched in the eye by love at the most inopportune time, both Michael and Marilyn start reevaluating everything they once thought important.

Blanketed by a critically acclaimed rock n' roll soundtrack and original music recorded for the film, Marilyn is photographed on old 16mm film stock and exudes a vintage film look inspired by movies like Vanishing Point and Easy Rider.

Told by a man who actually lived it, Marilyn is a romantic tale of one bankrobbers life on the lam, a young woman's journey to find herself through music, and a love that glues it all together.

If you want to see more features like this, and support this talented cast and crew (and of course, the actress who gave us 10 years of Chloe!), please buy or rent it... and, of course, check out the video below:

Read more details at their official site!


Laura Vandervoort BittenLaura Vandervoort Is The Series Lead In New SPACE Channel Drama Bitten

Laura Vandervoort has landed the lead role in a new SPACE Channel werewolf drama.

It's called Bitten, and as of this writing, a U.S. distributor hasn't been announced yet. Still.. Laura is returning to TV!

Read more details at KSiteTV!


peyton list tomorrow peopleLucy Lane Gets Super Powers In The CW's Tomorrow People Pilot!

Peyton List, who played Lois Lane's younger sister Lucy in the episodes "Lucy" and "Ambush," has been cast in The CW pilot The Tomorrow People as "Cara," a young woman with several powers including telepathy.

The Tomorrow People is based on a British series from the 70's as well as a 1990's remake, comes from producers from Chuck, The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow, and if the pilot should do well, it should land on The CW's 2013-2014 schedule.

Read more details at KSiteTV!


Tom Welling 2013Booster Gold & The Legion Return In Smallville Season 11 Comics!

Information about the next story arc in the Smallville Season 11 comic book series is now out, and it seems the next arc, "Argo," features some super-friends - Booster Gold and the Legion of Super-Heroes! Plus with a title like "Argo," Kara can't be that far behind, right?

DC Comics has also announced they will be printing "Effigy," the "side story" featuring Batman and John Jones.

You can find more details at our general TV news site, KSiteTV.


Tom Welling 2013Tom Welling Resurfaces For New Movie Role

A popular question around these parts is, of course, "What is Tom Welling up to?" Now we know the answer!

Tom has landed a supporting role in the ensemble drama film Parkland, which also stars Zac Efron, Paul Giamatti, and Billy Bob Thornton. The movie is about the hours after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and what happens in Parkland Hospital on that day.

No release date is known yet, though it could be in the Fall... either way, you can read more details at Deadline.


Smallville Season 11: Another Title Revealed!

After the Batman-John Jones team-up story, what's coming next in between Smallville Season 11 "episodes?"

After "Effigy," the next "in-between" story for Smallville will be called "Valkyrie."

Find more details at the KryptonSite Spoilers Page!

(Also remember you're all welcome to come talk about Season 11 comics on our Season 11 forum! Especially if you want to join us in our "Haunted" love.)


EarthwardBryan Q. Miller Takes Readers Earthward - With Your Help!

Bryan Q. Miller - yes, the same guy who wrote several fan-favorite Smallville episodes as well as the currently-running Season 11 comic book series - is working with a very talented artist named Marcio Takara on a new all-ages graphic novel - IN SPACE! - called Earthward.

If you follow comics with any regularity, you'd know that something appropriate for everyone is harder and harder to come by, and this could be the antidote for that. Also, coming from Bryan, who's impressed with his Smallville comics as well as Batgirl (come back Stephanie Brown!), you should have an idea that you would get a good read. BUT... (there's always a "but.")

The project needs funding before it can be published! So, if you want to help Bryan to bring this to life, check out their Kickstarter page to make it happen! Surely the loyal KryptonSite crowd can push them their goal, right?

Check it out!


man of steel henry cavillSuperman Returns - See The New Man Of Steel Trailer!

Although it's not Smallville, it is something super... a new trailer for this summer's Superman movie, Man Of Steel, has come out... and it looks really cool.

Check it out!


smallville season 10 dvdSmallville DVD Sets Massively Discounted For Thanksgiving!

With it being the holidays, a lot of DVD sets are now going on sale... and for Smallville fans who might not have the DVDs yet (such things exist?) you might be in luck.

Amazon.com is listing season sets right now for under $10 and Blu-ray sets for under $20. Might be a great time to pick them up; no idea on how long they'd last. This is in addition to the under $150 complete series set which is mentioned below. Pick them up and support this site!


kristin kreuk comic-conKristin Kreuk's Beauty And The Beast Gets A Full Season Order

Smallville's Lana Lang, Kristin Kreuk, is back on The CW with the new television series Beauty And The Beast, and now the show has gotten a full season order!

Check out our Beauty And The Beast content - including pictures of Ms. Kreuk - at KSiteTV and feel free to come talk about it on the KSiteTV Forum!


stephen amell green arrowGreen Arrow Returns To The CW TONIGHT With Arrow!

Nearly 17 months after Smallville closed up shop, the character of Oliver Queen is back on TV tonight with a new series called Arrow.

It's not Justin Hartley -- instead, you can find him on Emily Owens, MD which premieres on Tuesday -- but you will probably find that you like this show, and the new actor, Stephen Amell, a whole lot. Smallville alums like Glen Winter are on the Arrow crew, and Geoff Johns is already set to co-writ ean episode.

You can read more about Arrow at K-Site's Arrow destination, GreenArrowTV!

GreenArrowTV is also on Twitter @GreenArrowTV, and you're all invited to join us on the Arrow forum at KSiteTV - why not do the Countdown/LIVE Discussion thing like the old days?

Hope you like it!


smallville season 11 comicSmallville Season 11 Hits Trade Paperback Form In April

The first Smallville Season 11 story arc, "Guardian," is scheduled to hit trade paperback form in April 2013.

All twelve chapters will be included for a very low price if you order from Amazon - all orders support this site, so pre-order your copy today!


The 2012 KryptonSite Awards: The Results Are In!

Every year, KryptonSite would honor the best and worst of Smallville with the annual KryptonSite Awards - and now, after months of voting, the results are in!

How did your favorite episodes or characters do?

Check out the results and find out!


Batman SmallvilleFinally... Batman In Smallville!

The latest chapter of the Smallville Season 11 digital comic is out today, and in it, we finally see Batman in the Smallville world!

The new issue can be found on the ComiXology.com website already. If you want to talk about it with other fans, come by the forum!


smallville season 11 comicSmallville Season 11 Printed Comic #7 Cover & Solicitation

The story begins digitally this Friday... but today, DC Comics released the solicitation info and cover art for the printed collection of Chapters 7-9 in the second story arc of the Smallville Season 11 comic series, titled "Detective."

Take a larger look and find spoilers at our general TV news site, KSiteTV!


smallville season 11 comicSmallville Season 11 Digital Comics Are Bringing In New Readers

A recently-posted interview with DC Comics' Jim Lee and Dan DiDio makes a mention of the Smallville Season 11 digital comics and how they have brought new readers into the fold.

"Through comiXology we had some data from our sales on Smallville and about 40% of people buying or downloading that comic book were new consumers; they had opened up new accounts," Jim Lee said at ICv2. "To me, that's a staggering large number and I think it points to the way we’re going to see a lot of growth, especially in terms of new readers."

Here are more details on how you can get it!


man of steelThe Teaser Trailers For The Man Of Steel Are Now Online!

Warner Bros. will be releasing a new Superman movie, The Man Of Steel, next summer, and a teaser trailer ran this weekend preceding The Dark Knight Rises.

Now, two versions of the teaser are now online, with different voiceovers.

The Man Of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, stars Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman.

Take a look at the teasers!


Batman SmallvilleStephanie Brown In Smallville Season 11? Not Anymore...

It was confirmed today at Comic-Con that former Batgirl Stephanie Brown, who was the featured character in Bryan Q. Miller's excellent Batgirl series, will not be the woman behind the Nightwing mask in the second arc of the Smallville Season 11 comic.

For whatever reason, DC has decided that "Nightwing" will be Barbara Gordon, the best known and current character to be known as Batgirl.

You can read spoilers about Smallville Season 11 here at the KryptonSite Spoilers Page.

kristin kreuk comic-conKristin Kreuk Talks About Returning To TV In Beauty And The Beast

KSiteTV caught up with Smallville's Lana Lang, Kristin Kreuk, on Thursday at Comic-Con, where she spoke about her new role on The CW's upcoming series Beauty And The Beast. She also talked about what lured her back to TV.

Read the interview at KSiteTV!


smallville tom welling trading cardBetter Late Than Never, Right? Smallville Seasons 7-10 Trading Cards Released

A year after Smallville concluded, Cryptozoic Entertainment has just released trading cards for Seasons 7-10 of the show, with bonus cards including autographs and more.

These look pretty cool with some great imagery - so if you're still "always holding on," this might be the right thing to pick up.

Now if only the delayed-release merchandise gods would let me write Smallville Companion books for Seasons 8-10... sigh...

Here's where you can pick up the cards from Amazon.com:

Box (24 Packs)

Booster Pack

Seasons 7-10 Trading Cards Binder


smallville season 11 comicSmallville's Superman FINALLY Meets Batman

We've waited 11 year for it to happen - and now, thanks to Bryan Q. Miller and DC Comics, Superman and Batman will finally meet in the second story arc of the Smallville Season 11 comic series, titled "Detective."

The stories themselves will begin release digitally in August with the first collected issue coming in September.

Read the solicitation and take a look at the full (black and white) artwork at our general TV news site, KSiteTV!


stephen amell green arrowGreen Arrow Returns To The CW: Trailers, New Pics & More

The CW has now announced their complete 2012-2013 schedule which will include Arrow, a new take on Oliver Queen/Green Arrow which will air on Wednesday nights preceding Supernatural. Playing Oliver this time around will be Stephen Amell.

Take a look at trailers and pictures from Arrow at K-Site's Arrow destination, GreenArrowTV!

GreenArrowTV is also on Twitter @GreenArrowTV.

And if you're wondering about that other Green Arrow, Justin Hartley is the male lead on The CW series Emily Owens, M.D., a new medical drama starring Mamie Gummer. You can see more from that show here.


erica duranceSmallville Items On Display At Warner Bros.' "Television Out Of The Box" Exhibit

Smallville memorabilia including the Justice League costumes, meteor rock, a Daily Planet newspaper, a Smallville High yearbook, and more are all on display at the "Television Out Of The Box" exhibit at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California.

Visitors to the museum can see all of these plus many other items from Warner Bros. Television's rich history.

K-Site's Craig Byrne attended the premiere, and took a lot of photos of what you can see. Want to revisit Smallville's past? Take a look at the gallery!


smallville season 11 comicK-Site Interview: Bryan Q. Miller Talks About The Smallville Season 11 Comic!

Quite a treat today, as I got to speak with Bryan Q. Miller, popular Smallville writer and author of the upcoming Smallville Season 11 comics. It was quite fun to do another interview related to the show after 11 months!

The first digital story comes out this Friday, and in the interview, Bryan talks about a number of things, including Lex, the costume, flying, Lois & Clark, Chloe & Oliver, Lana Lang, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more.

Check the interview out at our general TV news site, KSiteTV!


smallville season 11 comicSmallville Season 11 Comic: Where To Buy It

The Smallville Season 11 comic series has the beginning of the "season premiere," titled "Guardian," having an official release on Friday, April 13... less than a week away!

But now, your question might be... where do I get it? Fortunately, KryptonSite is here to help you...

Here's a how-to guide!


Smallville 2013 Wall Calendar Now Available To Pre-Order

The show ended last May, but that's apparently not keeping anyone from releasing a 2013 Wall Calendar for Smallville.

Pre-order yours from Amazon.com and support this site!

Smallville Calendar

If you still don't have a 2012 calendar, the 2012 Smallville calendar can be found here.


smallville season 11 comicSmallville Season 11 Is Coming!

The official DC Source blog just confirmed and officially announced that Smallville will be continuing in comic book form!

A new series will bridge the gap between the "Finale" and the future sequences from the final episode, and it will be written by fan favorite Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller.

Read more details!


Smallville Blank15 Underrated Smallville Episodes Worth Watching

Over at KryptonSite's general TV news site, KSiteTV, we've been adding some new writers to the mix, and one of those new writers, Derek B. Gayle, just wrote a column about underrated Smallville episodes from the later years, particularly aimed at those who may have dropped off from the series early.

What were his picks?

Check out his column at KSiteTV!


Booster GoldBooster Gold To Possibly Get His Own TV Series!

Here's some news that none of us probably saw coming...

A Booster Gold TV pilot is in development at the Syfy Channel!

It will probably have to connection to the Smallville episode "Booster," but it still should be interesting.

Read more details at KSiteTV!


smallville complete series dvdAdvance Review Of The Smallville: The Complete Series DVD Set!

Today is a very good day at K-Site Central... our copy of the complete series Smallville DVD set, hitting stores on November 29, arrived!

We've posted an advance review of the 62-disc (!!) set, which is an amazing collection that Smallville fans past and present should all enjoy. Additionally, we've got images of what to find within!

You can find the review at our general TV news site, KSiteTV.

Pre-Order Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD and support this site!


Sorry, Metropolis Is Not Happening

We're starting to get e-mails about a page on the Internet Movie Database about an "upcoming television series called Metropolis" starring Tom Welling and Erica Durance.

Unfortunately, this is another case of IMDb taking articles that are user-submitted, including wishful thinking from someone with an overactive imagination. It's not happening.

Warner Bros. has a new Superman movie, The Man Of Steel, out in 2013, when this would be purportedly happening. But more importantly... as much as we should "always hold on to Smallville," to spread false information like this is stupid and wrong. It's leading people on to believe something that's not true.

Not to mention, shouldn't Tom, Erica, and others be allowed to move on and do new things?

So, whoever it was who submitted it to IMDb as "fact" - you're an idiot. And if you're a "news source" that hopped on this fake news, you're even worse.

Remember IMDb submissions also said Laura Vandervoort and Kristin Kreuk were appearing in the "Finale," and that fake fan rumors said Michael Rosenbaum would be a series regular in Season 10. Didn't happen, and never was going to happen.

Thankfully, if I want to see Super-action with Tom, Erica, and the rest, there'll be the complete series DVD in just a month.


Smallville original posterTen Years Ago: The Series Premiere Of Smallville!

Ten years ago, on October 16, 2001, the incredibly awesome WB Network (please come back!) aired a new show called Smallville, a show that introduced Clark Kent at a time before he was Superman.

It's still hard to believe it has been so long.

On our newly-improved forum, we've been inviting people to reminisce about where they were and what they were doing when the show premiered 10 years ago.

Check it out!


smallville season 10 dvdSmallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD - Back Cover Art!

The back cover for the Smallville Season 10 DVD set has now been revealed.

Take a larger look!

smallville season 10 dvdSmallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD Deleted Scenes & Commentaries Confirmed!

Thanks to Andreas, we now know more of what to expect from the Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD set as far as extras go.

The Deleted Scenes on the DVD will be from "Shield," "Supergirl," "Abandoned," "Beacon," and "Scion." (What, no "Finale?" Didn't they say there were deleted scenes from that one? Very disappointing.)

Commentaries will be "Lazarus" with writers Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson with actors Allison Mack and Cassidy Freeman, and "Dominion" with Brian Peterson, Kelly Souders, Justin Hartley, and Callum Blue.

Pre-order your copies from Amazon.com today!

Season 10 DVD - Season 10 Blu-Ray - Complete Series


The CW Is Looking For "The Right Superhero"

With Smallville over, is The CW out of the superhero TV show business?

CW President Mark Pedowitz says no.

Read what he had to say earlier this week at KSiteTV.

Pedowitz also addressed Tom Welling's future with The CW, and you can find what he had to say here.


man of steel henry cavillAnd Now: An Official Image Of Henry Cavill As Superman In The Man Of Steel!

Warner Bros. has released the first official image of Henry Cavill as Superman from the next Superman movie, The Man Of Steel.

Is it 2013 yet?

Take a larger look at Man of Steel News!


smallville season 10 dvdSmallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD Extras Revealed!

We already knew what the extras would be for the Complete Series Smallville DVD set, and now we have a list of the extras you'd find on the Season 10 DVD.

It is safe to assume these features will also be on the Complete Series discs.

Here's what we'll get:

- Commentaries on 2 Key Episodes
- Unaired Scenes
- Smallville: Coming Home: Cast and Creators Reflect on the Landmark 200th Episode Homecoming, in Which Clark Kent Experiences
- Transformative Events on the Way to His Final Destiny
- My Fathers, My Son: How Clark Kent’s Fathers/Son Relationships Evolved over the Series’ 10 Years
- How Do We Do Music Video

No official announcement is made about which episodes are getting commentaries, though we've heard rumblings that they might be "Dominion" (with director Justin Hartley) and the series finale. Take that with a grain of salt, however, as we do not have official confirmation.

Pre-order your copies from Amazon.com today!

Season 10 DVD - Season 10 Blu-Ray - Complete Series


smallville season 10 dvdSmallville: The Complete Tenth Season & The Complete Series On Nov. 29; Season 10 Art Revealed!

The final season DVD and Blu-ray and the Complete Series DVD set for Smallville will hit retail stores on November 29, just in time for the holidays.

Warner Bros. has also released the Season 10 DVD cover, which we'd seen before and assumed was a placeholder, but... this is it.

Pre-order your copies from Amazon.com today!

Season 10 DVD - Season 10 Blu-Ray - Complete Series


smallville finaleExclusive Interview: Greg Beeman Talks Falling Skies, The Smallville Finale, & More

Greg Beeman returned to Smallville earlier this year for the show's final episode. Now, he's working on Falling Skies, a new drama series airing Sunday nights on TNT.

falling skies tntFor our general TV news site, KSiteTV, we've interviewed Mr. Beeman about his new show. Within he talks a bit about what it was like to do Smallville's final installment, and he also talks about the casting of a past Smallville favorite who appears every week in Falling Skies.

Check out the interview!

You can read more about Falling Skies at KSiteTV!


Tom WellingTom Welling Would Consider A Smallville Movie

OnTheRedCarpet.com caught up with Tom Welling on Monday night and the notion of a Smallville movie was one of the subjects talked about. Interestingly, the subject had come out many years before. "We talked about that between, I think it was season three and four, when the characters were moving from high school to what will be college. We played with the idea and what we found was there wasn't time," Welling said.

"It would've been fun to do a transition movie for those characters. But who knows in the future," Tom continued. When asked more directly if the opportunity came up for a Smallville movie, if he would take it, Tom said "Sure, I don't see why not."

Tom also seems thankful for the time he spent doing the show. "I can't imagine anything beyond family that could have such an effect on a career as Smallville did for me," he said.

For now, Tom is looking forward to Warner Bros.' future Superman plans as much as many fans are. "They have other plans for Superman, which I'm a big fan of and I can't wait to see what they do," he said.

You can read the full OnTheRedCarpet interview here.


finale smallville reviewTriplet's "Finale" Review!

It's time for the last one... C.M. Houghton ("Triplet")'s review of the series finale of Smallville is now posted!

What did she think?

Read her review!

(We'd like to thank "Triplet" for more than six years of reviews here at KryptonSite!)


smallville finale clipReminder: Check Out The Smallville "Finale" On Amazon Unbox & iTunes!

If you're already aching to revisit the Smallville series finale, it's available for HD download at Amazon Unbox and iTunes.

Check them out below:

Amazon Unbox - iTunes

(Also if you're shopping, it seems Amazon has DVD's of most seasons of Smallville listed for under 20 dollars...)


Thank You: A Message From KryptonSite's Webmaster Craig

first kryptonsite logoIf you're reading this, you probably either just finished the Smallville series finale or saw it a few hours ago. As I write this, it's been a little over an hour and I'm still not sure what to think. I enjoyed the episode greatly, and three was a whole lot to be excited about, but my immediate feeling right now is as though a friend has died.... a friend I have welcomed into my home and my heart for ten years. So, if you ask me "what did you think?" Let me watch it a few more times and get the emotion out first.

I think it was just luck that KryptonSite came in and somehow became the web resource on record for a lot of things related to Smallville. It was here when the pilot was still in the process was filming, and it was here when it was announced The WB would merge with UPN to become The CW. The site saw some good times - like the announcement that legendary Superman Christopher Reeve would guest star - and some sad, like when the news came in that Jeph Loeb's son Sam had passed away. Spoilers came and went, with some more warmly received by others, and "shipper wars" often probably caused more anger on the forums than not, but somehow this site made it through.

I know I've been very lucky. Meeting cast members and writing the companion books... it really was a dream come true. And I mean that - I never expected that to happen. I've made some great friends along the way too, here at KryptonSite, or on Twitter, or other places in the online and real-life Smallville circle. Great fellow webmasters, podcasters, and other TV journalists - very cool people. I know others were also so lucky - just ask original KryptonSite mods Mark and Gemma, who got married a few years back and had their first child last year. (No, it wasn't a rapidly-aging exploding baby). All of us, really, can probably say our lives have changed in these ten years. When Smallville began, I was 23 years old and working at a newspaper in Maryland. Now I'm 33 and I write about TV in California. Some of the show's biggest fans weren't even in high school yet when the show premiered!

There probably won't be another show like Smallville again - and if there is, it will be an amazing feat. A show that lasts ten years with the same primary lead actor is mostly unheard of. Tom Welling did it, though, and people stayed interested. Big shoutout goes to Tom - who owned the role for 10 years but also became a fantastic director in the process. I know we'll be seeing more of him, either in front of of behind the cameras.

I think about the people who have been so helpful to me over the years making this site work. Al Gough & Miles Millar led the way, being some of the first showrunners to understand the importance of an online fan base. After they left, Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer and then of course Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson were always supportive as showrunners. Susan and Suzanne (don't get them confused at a high schol reunion) - thank you for all of your support and putting up with me and forgiving when I'd mess up from time to time. And to the cast. In addition to Tom... Michael, Kristin, Allison, Justin, Cassidy, Eric, John Schneider, Aaron, Erica, and Laura... you are the ones I interacted with the most, which is not to slight anyone else... but you all have been a pleasure to interview and interact with. kryptonsite season 4Special appreciation to John Glover and Annette O'Toole, two of the kindest individuals I've ever met in ten years of covering Smallville, for taking me out to dinner when I was in Vancouver for the Season 6 book. That meant to much to me. Even the guest stars I'd talked to and gotten to know have been wonderful people, probably too much to name. And the folks I worked with on the books - Chris Cerasi, Steve Korte, and the revolving door of editors from the Smallville Magazine - THANK YOU for all of your support.

Smallville had one of the best and most hard-working crews in all of television. When the writers' strike happened during Season 7, Smallville missed only two episodes - a testament to the power and the talent of the creative people there. I'm not listing names there, or among the incredible writers and producers who I've talked to who have also been supportive of this site over the years because again, I'd be worried I'd leave someone out by accident - but you are amazing, and I hope to see your names in many projects in the future. One of the saddest things about Smallville ending is knowing that team won't exist anymore up in Vancouver, or in the production office down here. I still wish there had been a spin-off to keep that "team" together.

The Smallville fan base was so passionate, and I think that's a big reason the show lasted as long as it did. Sometimes it got mean. But I always have thought that to bring out such emotion from its fans, the show must have done something right. Apathy is the worst feeling a TV show fan can have, and Smallville fans never had that. At the end of the day, we all did have something in common - we loved the show. Even when there was complaining, we complained because we loved. Or at least that's how I look back at it.

I'd like to call out "Triplet" (aka C.M. Houghton) who worked so hard to bring new Smallville reviews in every week for several years now, and to Russ Dimino whose "Many Faces Of..." and other columns were always a treat. And I'd like to thank the team of KryptonSite mods for doing a great job of keeping the peace. With over 50,000 forum members, it's not an easy task!

218 episodes is so cool. And the fact that so many people came back for the end... it felt like a reunion. This is the second Superman TV series I actively covered (the first being Lois & Clark) and I hope it's not the last. When it happens again, I hope as many Smallville people as possible come back in the way that folks like Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Dean Cain, and Teri Hatcher did.

Many people have asked me what I'm going to do now that Smallville is over. Am I closing the site? Of course not! As long as I have a say in it, KryptonSite will exist as an archive for 10 years of Smallville. Now that I have more time on my hands, maybe I can even finally sort out old articles so they're easier to search, and maybe I can finally fix things like the cast and episode guide pages. The forum will still exist, but don't be surprised if it moves (keeping all of the old posts, of course) to the KSiteTV domain. So if you're worried your old posts or fanfiction will disappear... they won't. KryptonSite will still hopefully be relevant with Man of Steel News, a special sub-section of the site dedicated to news about next year's Superman movie, The Man Of Steel. This page right here will continue to exist to promote the projects of Smallville alumni as they move forward to the future. Just because their show is over doesn't mean the whole story is.

I was hoping we'd have new superhero TV with Wonder Woman this Fall, and apparently it's not happening but that's probably for the best. If you've enjoyed KryptonSite and the kind of thing you've seen here, though, I hope you'll check out KSiteTV - it's basically a generalized TV website focusing on whatever TV I feel like covering, but in hopefully a KryptonSite-like style. Maybe there will be more individual sites like this one, and there certainly will be more if there are some comic book projects TV on the way. Any individual sites for other upcoming shows and you'd have to make suggestions, though right now I'm leaning toward keeping it all at KSiteTV.

I'd like to build Avengersite and JusticeSite.net as good locations for Marvel and DC movies, respectively, though they're rather small as it currently stands, and while V and Human Target have recently ended, a site for The Vampire Diaries still exists in the site network at VampireSite.net and you can read updates on all of these things at the KSiteTV/KryptonSite Twitter Feed. (Don't everybody leave me after tonight!)

clois wedding smallvilleAnd that seems like a novel. Sorry to take up your time, the photos and forums you're looking for can be found below. :) I just needed to get this out while it was all still in my head.Thank you all for being a part of KryptonSite, and thanks again to Smallville for bringing all of us together. Oh yeah - and this summer we're doing the KryptonSite Awards again for Season 10... and then Summer 2012, assuming anyone's still around, we'll do it all over again for the entire series. Hope to see you!

"Always hold on to Smallville."

-- Craig Byrne
May 13, 2011

Screen Captures From A Promo For Thursday's "Finale" Repeat Airing!

If you miss it tonight, the Smallville series finale is airing again on Thursday, May 19. The CW prepared a special preview trailer for the re-airing, and thanks to Mr. Video, we have screen captures already.

Obviously if you haven't seen the episode yet, you might not want to see the caps since there are SPOILERS within.

Enjoy the screencaps!

A Letter From Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders To Smallville's Fans

Smallville's Executive Producers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders just sent a letter to share with all of you... the fans of Smallville... on this historic, exciting, but also very sad day. Here's what they have to say:

To the Greatest Fans We Could Have Wished for,

It’s hard to know where to start.  We know that we wouldn’t be writing this without you.  We wouldn’t have met all the amazing people we’ve worked with over the years without you.  We wouldn’t have had a chance to craft our skills, be part of the world’s greatest mythology or make a difference in people’s lives without you.  For that, we are forever grateful to your support of the show.  This last few weeks have been crowded with press interviews and they all ask what we hope will be the impact of Smallville.  And the answer is simple because it’s the same impact the show has had on us: hope.  Knowing each week there were millions of people in the world who tuned into this show because they believe in something greater, because they believe in justice, because they believe heroes exist, has humbled us and inspired us both.  It’s hard to find anything in the world that is seen as pure good, and to us, that’s what Superman and Smallville is all about.  Over the years, we’ve heard from many of you (we just moved into our new offices and there’s bamboo, paper cranes and flowers on our desk to remind us!).   Hearing what this show has meant to people means everything to us.  We cannot say thanks to fans without saying thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of people who have sunk their heart and a lot of sleepless hours into this show out of passion.  No one can understand the sheer force of nature it has taken twenty-two times a year to bring this show to life.  No one sees the late-night-caffeined-up hours spent in small offices both in Los Angeles and Vancouver that bring sets to life, costumes to life, words to the page, shots to screen, emotion to the camera and beautiful images that will remain in our memories.

We won’t say “goodbye,” we’ll say “til next time,”

Kelly and Brian and Everyone here in the Smallville family

The Smallville series finale airs at 8PM tonight on The CW. And thanks to you, Kelly and Brian, as well as everyone else who gave us Smallville week after week. Your hard work was greatly appreciated.

smallville last 5 episodesTonight: The FINAL EPISODE of Smallville!

After ten years and 218 episodes, it's finally time for Clark Kent to become a (Super) man.

Tonight at 8PM on The CW, we'll see a wedding, the return of Lex Luthor, a coming Apokalips... and maybe even some surprises that miraculously didn't end up online prior to the air. We'll see Clark Kent embrace his destiny... and we will finally learn how this story ends in a two-hour series finale.

On the forum, we have a special forum set up for those of you who'd like to get a viewing party together so you can watch with other fans. That is in addition to the full "Finale" forum, which can be found here, or the last-ever Smallville Countdown/LIVE Thread, where you can count down to the episode's airing and then talk about it LIVE with other fans while this legendary episode airs!

Here are some extras associated with the episode that you may enjoy. There's a lot of cool stuff in here!

Message Forum - Countdown/LIVE Thread - Official CW Description - Preview Trailers & Clips - Promo Caps - Clark & Martha Preview Clip Caps - Chloe & Oliver Preview Clip Caps - Clark & Lex Preview Clip Caps - Clark & Jonathan Preview Clip Caps - Clark & Lois Preview Clip Caps - Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson Interview - Spoilers - Image Gallery

It's not quite time yet to say goodbye. We'll get to that once the episode has aired. But thanks, as ALWAYS for visiting. Let's pray the forums don't crash tonight!

Tom WellingPreviously On Smallville: What You May Have Missed

Did you stop watching Smallville, but you still want to see the final episode on Friday night? Or do you know someone who may have dropped off?

You're in luck.

Russ Dimino has written a recap of what you may have missed with all (well, most) of your favorite characters, so you don't feel behind when you tune in tonight. Chances are there will be a great "Previously" on the show itself, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared with extra info.

Don't let your friends make excuses not to watch!

Read the column!


smallville score mp3 cdThe Smallville Music Score Is Finally Released!

After years of waiting, the music score from Smallville by Mark Snow and Louis Febre has finally been released in the mp3 format.

It contains many tracks heard in the show's 10-year run, and can now be purchased as an Amazon.com mp3 download and on iTunes:

Purchase on Amazon.com - Purchase on iTunes


smallville clark lois wedding finaleOver 25 More Images From The Smallville Series Finale... Featuring A Wedding!

This might be our last major KryptonSite images post, unless The CW releases more pictures after the final episode airs.

Either way... The CW has released 29 more images from the May 13 Smallville series finale, featuring a bunch of returning guest stars and a long-awaited wedding.

Take a look at the new images - Spoiler Warning!


lex luthor smallville finaleImages From The Final Episode Of Smallville (Airs May 13!)

The CW has begun releasing images from the May 13 series finale of Smallville... and yes, several of them feature Michael Rosenbaum as Lex.

The images are now up here at KryptonSite.

Check them out - Spoiler Warning!


You can see KryptonSite's 2011 April Fool's headlines here.


tom and ericaPics From The 200th Episode Red Carpet!

In case you missed them on the KryptonSite Twitter Feed last night, here are the images we took from the Smallville 200th Episode Red Carpet which was held on Saturday night, September 25.

Enjoy the pictures!


tom wellingAll Of Smallville Is Now On iTunes!

Every episode of Smallville from Seasons 1 through 9 is now available in regular definition and in HD through iTunes. That's everything from the series pilot all the way through to "Salvation" - a great way to catch up in the weeks leading to the Sept. 24 season premiere if you don't have the DVDs already!

Check them out!

Thanks to CodeMonkey85 for the tip.

This isn't all for the KryptonSite News Page - there's a lot that more going on that you can find by clicking here! (Many articles you may be looking for will now be in those archives!)

cw green arrow pilot
Smallville DVD

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